Village Beaubois (Chemin Melanson, Dieppe)

We are re-introducing one of our most popular concepts! The award winning concept we create for Village rue Verte is coming back to Dieppe! Rue Melanson will be the new location for our next “Village” in Dieppe. A first of its kind in Eastern Canada, the project followed the principles of Conservation Design, whereby housing is constructed in greater density but on a much smaller portion of a development site. The site is treated as nature reserve with many best management practices deal with surface water in natural areas and respect the conditions which were on site prior to our development. Each units are heated with Natural Gas and have Energuide 83 or better ratings. They homeowners sign a mandatory maintenance agreement, whereby all snow clearing and yard maintenance is completed by contractors on a scheduled basis lowering gas emissions from mowers, leaf blowers, snow blowers and eliminates gasoline and oil containers in their garages.

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